The BFC’s travelling festival tours around the country to provide free outdoor screenings of our films. Often times, these are the first films people have seen in their own native language of Kirundi.

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Open-air concept

By getting authorization to set up in the middle of the street, we ensure there is no barrier to entry for anyone interested in seeing the films. The atmosphere of a street festival also translates into enthusiastic reactions to the films, closer to a live concert experience than a typical indoor film screening.

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If you build it…

A team of BFC teachers and students travel with a collapsible screen, projector, PA system , and gas generator to each location. We also put up local sponsorship banners and play commercials before the films as a way to fund our operations.

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…They will come

Working with our partners to find central locations, no advance publicity is required to promote the screenings. Hundreds of people gather as we set up, with music and and MC explaining what’s happening and encouraging people to stick around. Read more here.