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Where is Burundi?

Just south of the equator, Burundi is the sister nation of Rwanda. It also borders The Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania. Bujumbura, located on the edge of Lake Tanganika, is the country’s economic hub and was the capital city until February 2019.


Where is the BFC?

The Burundi Film Center sets up in a variety of locations around Bujumbura depending on availability. In our first year, our classes were held in Le palais des arts et de la culture. In 2010 and beyond, we most often hold workshops in the Institut Français du Burundi.

In between sessions, our office is located at J997+F2 Bujumbura, Burundi

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Where do teachers stay?

The BFC will look after booking safe accommodations for our teachers, usually within walking distance from our training facility. Most often this will be renting a home in a nearby suburban neighbourhood, or else (for shorter stays) a hotel that is in the downtown core of Bujumbura.