If “Bigger Plans” is any indication (the Burundi Film Center) is off to a stunning start.
— Phil Hall, Film Threat Magazine

Bigger Plans / L’imprévue de la vie (2007)

bigger plans

11 min. / Drama

Director: NIYONSABA Cynthia
Writer: KIMVUIDI Rudy

Synopsis: Moma is a young man who dreams of being an architect to build a better life for himself and his family.

Nothing's the Same / Le tournant d’une vie (2007)

nothing’s the same

10 min. / Drama

Director: KAMUNTU Linda
Writer: HAZIZIMANA Lyse Elsie

Synopsis: Anémone, a girl raised with strict Christian values, must deal with a harsh new reality on the eve of her wedding.

Reveal Yourself / Dis-moi qui tu es (2007)

revEal yourself

10 min. / Drama

Director / Writer: MAHORO Ginette

Synopsis: Congolese refugees camped out in the city of Bujumbura are either ignored or feared by those who pass by. One day. a five dollar bill forces these worlds to collide in unexpected ways.

Abuse / L’abus (2007)


11 min / Thriller

Director / Writer : RUYUKU Didier Armand

Synopsis: An aspiring university student moves to Bujumbura from the countryside and has to deal with a dangerous living situation.


Kivumvu: Basket Boy / Kivumvu le panier (2007)

Kivumvu: basket boy

12 min. / Drama

Director: NZITONDA Pacifique
Writer: BAKUNDUKIZE Abdul Karim

Synopsis: A ten-year-old boy named Kivumvu (Kirundi for “basket”) searches for the origins of his often mocked name.

Home Free / Enfin chez nous (2009) - Version français

home free

22 mins / Documentary

Directors: Christopher Redmond and Jessie Thomson
Writers: Christopher Redmond and Jessie Thomson

Synopsis: In 1972, civil war and ethnic massacres forced hundreds of thousands of Burundians from their homes. Most fled to Tanzania, where they would live as refugees for generations. Thirty six-years later, they are finally finding a place to call home. Home Free follows three Burundian families; one has chosen to become citizens of Tanzania, another has chosen to return to Burundi and a third has resettled to Canada. The film takes you on their journey and explores efforts to bring an end to one of Africa's most prolonged refugee situations.

The Return of Old Man Kabura / Le vieux Batiste Kabura (2010)

The Return of Old Kabura

7 min. / Drama

Director: MGENDAKUMANA Patrick

Synopsis: An 82-year-old refugee comes home to Burundi and tries to rebuild his life after 38 years in exile.

Pigfoot / Binono (2010)


6 min. / Drama

Director: NTIRAMPEBA Aster
Writer: MUHIRE Francis

Synopsis: A porter in Bujumbura tries to make a name for himself by working for a slaughterhouse.

Mission: Montreal / L’ambitieux (2010)

Mission: Montreal

9 min. / Drama

Director: SONGORE Natcha
Writer: MUGEMANURO Franck

Synopsis: Lionel sells out his family and friends in a desperate attempt to move to Canada.

Easy Call (2010)

Easy Call

9 min. / Thriller

Director: ARAKAZA Angelo

Synopsis: A young woman's foray into prostitution bring shocking consequences to her family.

Knock Knock (Who’s Dead?) / Je ne suis pas un fantôme (2010)

Knock Knock (Who’s Dead?)

11 min. / Comedy

Director: NZEYIMANA Grâce
Writer: EMERIMANA Fabrice

Synopsis: A morbid comedy following one man's botched attempts to earn a living by collecting the dead.

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