Kino is a film-making movement that advocates the production of short-films on little to no budget, using small crews, and non-competitive collaboration. The BFC held the first-ever Kino in East Africa in 2012, called KinoBu.


48-hour film challenge

Over the course of four days, 25 short films were created in two back-to-back filmmaking sprints. Equipment was donated by local production companies for the challenge, and teams were made up from mix of BFC students, local actors, and first-time filmmakers looking for an opportunity to be on set.


Act first, think later

The biggest benefit of doing a Kino film is that there’s no time to second guess yourself. People get to experience new departments on set, and rotate positions on different films. Sometimes the Kino will be themed, asking everyone to make a film under a spcial restriction. Other times, it’s a free-for-all.


Watch and learn

Ready or not, all the films get screened together on the final night of the Kino. It’s an opportunity to see how creative people were with the twist, and what kind of experimentation was born out of the process. Kino films have proved that the adventurous filmmaking spirit is alive and well in Burundi.